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Marco Dall Aquila

Ness imprint logoArthur Ness's Marco dall Aquila Opera Omnia project is mirrored here, after his WEB site was abruptly shut down by his provider.

Importing a MIDI file

This video shows how to import a MIDI file and automatically generate tablature for a specific instrument from the imported data. In this case, the chaconne from the solo violin suite  in Dm by J.S. Bach, which I chose to transpose for an archlute in A

Although the video boasts it only takes 2 minutes I should say that in the case of a complex piece of music, there may be many more adjustments to be made after the import process to actually create a humanly playable piece of music! That is the intelligent work that the musician has to do after the software is done figuring out first-hand positions only. 

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Over 1000 pieces already available by Galilei, Capirola, Borrono, Dowland, John Johnson,  etc.

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Current samples

Title Description
Thomas I cannot From Playford
La jeune fillette - Manuscrit Schele Tablature francaise pour luth a 9 choeurs
Fantasia - Francesco da Milano Fantasia in G from the Intabolatura de leuto di diversi autori [f3r-4v] (1536)
La Dedicasse Modern notation transcription of first piece from La Rhetorique des Dieux by Denis Gautier
Corbetta -- Scherzo Using the Corbetta template for Alfabeto notation
Sarabande from the Milleran MS More interesting use of color
An Alman by Robert Johnson Basic tablature with regular notation transcription for guitar
Villanella from the Capirola lute book Add some color to your life!
Cherbury Lute Book sample (Legal format) 14 pieces from the Cherbury MS for Renaissance lute
Barrow Foster's Dream The viol way - from the Ballet lute book
Gran Vals, Francesco Tarrega Transcription trying to match a printed publication
Alman by Robert Johnson 16th century English tablature
Ave Maria, Arcadelt SATB vocal piece
Scottish reels A collection of dance tunes imported from the abc archives
Paganini, Larghetto for violin and guitar Attempt at a faithfull reproduction of a printed publication
Farewell A piece for fiddle with chord names
Away with these self loving lads! Dowland song with facsimile of original publication

After you register with an account on this site you can view more scores in the Collections area on this site.

Latest videos

Facsimile Index

Facsimile index This site hosts a searchable index to individual pieces found in digital facsimiles. See this video to learn more about its usage and capabilities. So far, over 5000 pieces are indexed, representing over 10,000 images. Many more are waiting to be indexed, with your help and support. For more details on this project, see this page.

Alfabeto notation

Transcribing Baroque guitar music in alfabeto notation This video shows how you can use the new Corbetta template to transcribe baroque guitar music including alfabeto symbols. The template is available for download on this site and it makes it easy to decipher some of this particular and fascinating repertoire. You can see a sample of a transcription in the showcase area.

Notation voicing tutorial

Notation voicing tutorial -- This video shows how to create voicing directly in notation mode, how you can change the flag values of individual notes, and how to break chord groups.

Automated voice parsing

Automated voice parsing -- This video shows how to convert tablature to two-voice regular notation. The conversion includes a demonstration of the parsing algorithm and points to a number of manual adjustments that have to be done. Automatic conversion of alfabeto chords is also supported.

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